Terms of Service

The page here describes the agreement in brief between FindTutorNow Website and you. The term “You” hereby refers to anyone using the findtutornow.com website directly or indirectly as a tutor/ student/ parent etc. Kindly spend the time in reading and understanding our terms and conditions prior to registration. It is perceived that the user who registers with the website agrees to comply with the terms and conditions as specified by FindTutorNow.



1. Below are important representations:-

(i). The term "Contract" is used as an agreement between the tutor and the tutee so as to abide the tutor to serve the tutee.

(ii). The website "FindTutorNow" is completely under the ownership of Visual Softsolutions Pvt Ltd.

(iii). The tutors, students and parents/guardians, Trainer/ Trainee means the "Members".

(iv). The "Tutor" is the individual who possess required skills to offer tuition service to the students directly or through the parents of student.

(v). "Tutee" is used for the student or the parents/guardians.



2. Terms

(i). The male gender may be used to represent female gender and vice-versa.

(ii). The use of singular may represent the plural and vice-versa.

3. The FindTutorNow is not liable for appraisal of the details related to the members. The members are required to take decisions of selecting their tutor/student as per their choice.

4. FindTutorNow works towards securing the information of tutors and tutees, however is not liable against any unauthorised access by the third party for such information.

5. The purpose of FindTutorNow is to act as an interface between the tutor and the tutee.

6. The business activities related to FindTutorNow are subject to the terms and conditions. The members are liable to accept the terms as per the guidelines of FindTutorNow.



Responsibilities of Tutor

7. Tutor should be at least aged 18 years.

8. Tutor should possess the required qualifications with the necessary experience in order to offer tutoring service to the tutee.

9. Tutor is bound to put correct information on his account without any misrepresentations.

10. If Tutor contacts any of the tutee aged below 18 years, Tutor is bound to check that the Tutee has taken the consent from his parents/ guardian so as to use your tutoring services.

11. Tutor is bound not to use any abusive or unethical form of communication with the tutee or anyone else on FindTutorNow Website.

12. By becoming member on FindTutorNow Website, it is assumed that Tutor is not the FindTutorNow employee and must be liable for all the taxation in relation to the income generated from the FindTutorNow Website directly or indirectly.

13. Tutor is obliged to keep latest information about him on FindTutorNow Website.

14. FindTutorNow acts as an interface between Tutor and Tutee. So, Tutor is responsible for all the interactions with the tutee and/or any conflict arising between Tutor and the Tutee.

15. Tutor must not work on the coursework or any other assignment related data of the Tutee.

16. Tutor must not ask for any upfront charge, but should fix the pricing with the Tutee and accordingly get paid after completion of tutoring service. FindTutorNow is not responsible for any such communication and does not take any responsibility that Tutor gets paid.



Responsibilities of Tutee

17. Tutee should be at least 18 years of age. If you are below 18 years of age, you are bound to take the consent from your parent/ guardian and they enter into an agreement with FindTutorNow.

18. Tutee and his parent /guardian is responsible to verify the expertise, credentials, qualifications, ID checks, references and other details of the Tutor whose service they want to use. FindTutorNow does not guarantee in any manner the credentials of the Tutors.

19. By signing with the FindTutorNow, the Tutee agrees to enter into an agreement that he would not promote, advertise any Tutor through the FindTutorNow Website.

20. Tutee agrees that he would not work as the agent of Tutor in any manner.

21. Tutee is bound not to use any abusive or unethical form of communication with the tutor or anyone else on FindTutorNow Website.

22. Tutee agrees that the FindTutorNow is not liable for any performance of Tutee in examinations.

23. Tutee is advised not to pay any upfront amount to the Tutor. FindTutorNow is not liable for any sort of financial loss suffered by the Tutee.

24. Tutee must not ask the Tutor to work on the coursework or any other assignment.



Further Provisions

25. FindTutorNow is not liable for member's behaviour towards others.

26. FindTutorNow reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any stage, without prior notice.

27. FindTutorNow reserves the right to ban, remove temporarily or permanently any of the Tutor or Tutee or the parent/ guardian of the Tutee without prior notice. FindTutorNow is not obliged to convey the reason behind such action.

28. FindTutorNow does not guarantee for the qualifications or the details specified on the FindTutorNow Website by any of the member available on the website.

29. FindTutorNow does not guarantee any grade that the Tutee receives.



Refund and Cancellation Policy

30. FindTutorNow is not responsible for any sort of conflict between the tutor and student/parent.

31. FindTutorNow reserves the right to ban any member at any time if he is found misusing services offered by us, without the need to give any clarification.

32. FindTutorNow is not bound to pay any money to the member for cancellation of their account or for any other reason.

33. In case of any dispute with the member, FindTutorNow is not bound to pay anything other than the membership fee paid by the member in last 30 days from the time when dispute arises in writing.

34. All disputes are subject to Udaipur Jurisdiction, Rajasthan.